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On this CD is the original demo submission from C&W artist Jesse Braintree of Jesse & The Hogg Brothers. Well here he is raw and un-produced. This 3rd installment in the compilation series of artists and friends of Black & Blue Records. This one features unreleased cuts by Bloody & The Transfusions as well as a sample from their new CD. Former Cedar Street Slut Lena Luna gives us a live track from back in the day on from the new Live CD, OFF THE STREET. From America's Crime city St Louis comes the Punk/Metal stylings of Without MF Order. Look for their debut CD Desensitivity Training! From Demark come the Viking Oi offering of Cherrybombs DE. Look for a release by these guys in 2009. You also get a preview of the 2 new CD's from Blue Nouveaux TEMPLE and 10 YEARS AFTER. After over 10 years in the making with many obstacles worth writing a book about you get a taste of what critics are calling Yarmouth's first music release. Still more from Renegade Sl@ve and Swell Chemistry from AZ. Last and not least you get a real different kind of compilation from one of the strangest labels.

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