The most exciting original CowPunk Band in the Nation.

Hello, I would like to introduce you to the variety show known as Jesse & The Hogg Brothers.

Led by Jesse Braintree the dare we say ringmaster, this Hogg family is a different kind of country. Wonder what the Dead Boys would sound like if they came from a TX trailer park? Think of Hee Haw TV reborn for the 2020's you are talking a live Hogg Brothers performance. 

Available for booking across the US. Jesse and his family have been playing with a hilariously entertaining show that showcases original tracks from their albums and singles.

Jesse & The Hogg Brothers was formed in North Texas and make no mistake about it this is a Texas band and loaded with Texas pride. Celebrating an authentic and original style of modern country music, that is deeply rooted in the traditions of Buck Owens, Johnny Cash, George Jones and Hank Williams along with the Hogg family sense of humor that hopefully provides fans a unique live entertainment experience they won’t soon forget.


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