What's New Hoggaholics?


An exciting original CowPunk Band! 

Imagine if Johnny Rotten grew up on a farm.

Wonder what the Dead Boys would sound like if they came from a TX trailer park?

What if the Dead Kennedys grew up in Bakersfield?

Think if Hee Haw had gone CowPunk and was reborn for the 2020's and you are talking a live Hogg Brothers performance. 

Performing hundreds of shows across the US. Jesse and his family have been delivering original CowPunk music from their albums and singles.

Jesse Braintree - Vocals
Stevie Joe Hogg- Guitar
Pappy Hogg- Guitars, Bass and Vocals
CJ5 Hogg- 12 String, Bass and Vocals
Bo Hogg - Bass, Keyboards and Vocals
Dixon Hogg - Drums
Kitty Hogg - Vocals, CowBell and Dancin'
The Great JoeBob Hogg- Slide Guitars and Vocals
Kenny Hogg- Guitar, Bass and Vocals


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