Jolene Hogg - Fiddle & Vocals


RIP  Jolene passed on to heaven

in March of 2019                                   

Her musical contributions continue on current and upcoming releases  


Jolene is featured on Fiddle


Jolene's comments:

Are you checking me out? Ok,  then what are you doing here? I'll get to it. I'm not one to avoid things. I was born in Virginia and moved to Texas with my daddy in 85. My mom went to Florida with her new Husband Levi Hogg and in 87 my brother Stevie Joe was born. Because of Levi I met Jesse and his family when I lived in Texas and Pappy Hogg even taught me to play the fiddle.  I got married and divorced in a 24 hour period in 94 and ran home to Momma who had her hands full with Stevie Joe comin' up. Stevie Joe and me bonded playing music together with his daddy. I joined up with a biker gang in 2009 and migrated to Southern New Hampshire, Stevie Joe moved up north in 2011 to JP attending school. When Jesse brought the band up from TX in 2012 I joined at the debut performance of this current outfit at The Middle East in 2012 and Stevie Joe joined a month later. Both of us have been playing with Jesse since. Below :Jesse with me and my little brother Stevie Joe!.


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