I'm the rhythm of the band!

Cousin Jesse asked me to give up drumming for my church band back in Mississippi and join him and the band up in Boston.

I'm still getting adjusted to things up here but I promise I'll be adding some more things to my page soon.

I have played the drums ever since Pappy taught me that summer when I turned 6 years old and been banging away since.

One food I have learned to like is in nearby Rhode Island called NY System Hot Weiners. We ain't got nothing like them back home, I mean they look a little like a chilli dog but they sure taste different! Folks call them gaggers, zorks, belly busters, and they like drinking coffee milk with them, that's strange stuff. Its coffee syrup instead of chocolate milk its coffee.                                              That's all I got for now Thank you for visiting and please come back again!  - JJ

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What Ranch Dressing is the best?

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Ranch with hint of Lime 0
Rasberry Ranch 0
Peppercorn Ranch 5
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Southwest Ranch 0
Cheesy Ranch 0
Cucumber Ranch 2
Homestyle Ranch 1
BBQ Ranch 0
Buttermilk Ranch 2
Parmesan Ranch 2
Buffalo Ranch 0
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