Jesse and The Hogg Brothers @ CowPunk Fun Night

CowPunk Fun Night, Las Vegas, NV

Jesse & The Hogg Brothers return to Vegas in support of their new album/CD - "GET HAMMERED"

If Get Hammered is a reflection of who Jesse & The Hogg Brothers are in 2021, they’re going to see both their fan base and that of the cowpunk genre getting even bigger in the weeks and months that lie ahead. Every song on this record could be a single for the group, and though their previous efforts haven’t held anything back about their artistry, I will say that I think this just sounds a bit more open-ended and freeform by comparison (and not in a way that should make old school listeners nervous about this crew’s new look). The bottom line? Get Hammered is a slam dunk and a half for cowpunk fans. - Melody Maker

"Few things can prepare you for the hysterical candor of Jesse And The Hogg Bros. A Texas based group, comprised of family members, who may or may not have invented the genre, Cow Punk. The band has been around, since 2009, and their newest release is titled, Get Hammered. At 13 songs, Get Hammered is by turns, hilarious, touching, cringe worthy, and musically sound with tremendous performances. In fact, you might be surprised by just how much you love of every aspect of Get Hammered." - Hollywood Digest

Jesse And The Hoggs have illustriously deemed themselves as Cow Punk. The mere sight of this proposed genre on paper is riotous enough to leave you with no choice, but to quench your curiosity. -

If you weren’t listening to Jesse & The Hogg Brothers before Get Hammered or hadn’t even heard of their music, this latest album presents the right combination of songs to make a fan out of you in just under forty minutes’ time. -

There’s simply no predicting the decision-making process behind Jesse & The Hogg Brothers so the best thing for audiences to do is strap in and enjoy. -