Neil Hogg - Guitars, Bass and Vocals

 Yeee Haw , Howdy!   I promise to update this soon!

My Pappy done raised me and Jesse so we been playing together since I ever picked up a guitar. When we was comin up we used to impersonate Buck and Roy on Hee Haw doing our own Pickin & Grinin and of course that other duet by Erine & Floyd we loved to death  Where Oh Where Are You Tonite ?  When we had our family get togethers we would always joke around like our idols. Jesse and I to this day incorporate it into the songs we write and our live shows.

It's true that most of the songs I have written with Jesse are based on true stories and they are 100% fact , Except the parts that aren't. 



History - My version!

What Jesse & The Hogg Brothers CD Is The Best

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What is the Best Album by Jesse & The Hogg Brothers?

White Trash Meth Lab 3
Working For Yankee Money 6
Rusty Loved Christmas 2
Live in Harlem 1
Get Hammered 0
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