Jesse And The Hogg Brothers, William & The Wildflowers, Sunshine Riot

Great Scott, 1222 Commonwealth Avenue, Allston, MA

Jesse & The Hogg Brothers 9 PM William and the Wildflowers 10 PM SUNSHINE RIOT 11 PM ONE NIGHT ONLY $10 / doors at 8:30 PM

WILLIAM AND THE WILDFLOWERS is an enchanting musical expression from rural Iowa that combines the vocal sensitivity of Elliott Smith and punk rock spirit of The Clash.

Will shares his songs of wide eyed wonder and societal concern with the enthusiasm and confidence of a seasoned performer who has played over 500 shows.

He began this journey by leading Midwest punks FUNKS G from 1999-2010 and has released 3 full length solo albums since. An avid backpacker, Will enjoys hiking in his spare time, completing the entire Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails in recent years.

What’s next for this trouble making and mirthful troubadour? He’ll be on tour September 2019 - February 2020 to support his new record EPHEMERAL PARADE, and is eyeing a thru hike of the CDT to complete the triple crown of long distance hiking. Who are THE WILDFLOWERS?! We are. Come out to a show and join the parade.

JESSE & THE HOGG BROTHERS Everything you really need to know about Jesse & the Hogg Brothers can be found in songs such as "White Trash Meth Lab" and "Are You Available for Datin?'." This is a band with a wicked sense of humor and absolutely no fear. More importantly, this is a tight group of musicians, attacking bluegrass and Southern rock sounds with both a ferocious irreverence and a deep respect for musicality. The combination is both oddly charming and outrageously funny. - Victor D Infante - Worcester Telegram & Gazette

SUNSHINE RIOT With a sound that has been aptly described as “Johnny Cash meets Kurt Cobain” (wrap your sensibilities around that for a minute!), Sunshine Riot’s exciting aesthetic of party music and heartfelt songwriting about finding optimism and digging out of life’s most hellish circumstances has been lauded everywhere from their home region to just about every spot on their traveling itinerary. Feedback Fury in Michigan said, “This band has it all.” The Observer in Nashville called them “one of the most remarkable live acts Boston has seen in a long, long time.” The Daily Dose in Providence made reference to their “great, genre-defying songwriting,” while The Noise from NYC, where Sunshine Riot plays frequently, sounded a bit envious when it said, “New York should adopt Sunshine Riot…these guys are about to explode.”