Denton Hogg's Page

DENTON HOGG - Guitars and Vocals. Sorry folks but I'm not internet savvy and don't expect to be learning soon. So any updates you read here are not from me. That might  be better for everybody. Say hello to me at the shows!

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Things that are true about Denton. TRUTH REVEALED 12/12/2016! What do you think?

A) Denton was in Jail in Indiana 1
B) Denton lives across the street from a church 0
C) Denton can play left or right handed on guitar or bass 0
D) Denton hates mustard, ketchup, mayo all condiments 0
All are True 0
All true but A 0
All True but B 0
All True but C 2
All True but D 0
None of it except D and C 0
3 responses