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Jesse And The Hogg Brothers / The Breakes

Melody Inn, 3826 N Illinois St, Indianapolis, IN

Jesse & The Hogg Brothers return to INDY's Historic Dive Bar! $5 at the door- Doos 7PM Music Starts at 8PM With Jesse & The Hogg Brothers ad then Indiana favorites The Breakes complete the evening of live music hitting the stage at 9 PM. 5 Bucks at the door !

Jesse And The Hogg Brothers live on BOTTOMS UP with Ashley Bottoms


Jesse And The Hogg Brothers live on the hit internet radio show - BOTTOMS UP with host Ashley Bottoms who brings a lot of attention to New England based bands by having them do live interview and performances on the show.

Jesse And The Hogg Brothers, Derek Furtado , Sarah Martin , Liani Perez

Askew, 150 Chestnut St, Providence, RI 02903

Backdrop Comedy returns to Askew Providence with an all new lineup for it's September show! Hosted by Derek K. Moore, the night will be headlined by the hilarity of Derek Furtado and features Sarah Martin w/ special guest Liani Perez.

Derek Furtado's ability to make people laugh helped him adapt to the life of a military brat and later settling in Massachusetts where he began an official career in stand-up comedy. From the very first joke to the end of his set, there aren't any crowds Derek can't win over. Sporting a movie star smile and devilish charm, Derek captivates the audience with not only his comedy, but his interaction with the crowd. With his material ranging from his sexual escapades to being assaulted by a senior citizen outside of a bingo parking lot, Derek has a way of appealing to all audiences.

Sarah Martin is one of the leading ladies of comedy out of Boston, MA. A woman, but certainly not a lady. Sarah gives her sardonic perspective on life with some extra sass. Using her vitality and dry wit she has been building a name for herself in the comedy world by being real and a riot!

With special guest Liani Perez!

After the Showcase, stick around for the hysterical Texas band: Jesse & the Hogg Brothers!!! then stick around for the wildly hysterical Texas band: Jesse & the Hogg Brothers!

If this was just a band making white trash jokes and wearing Billy Bob teeth and using fake twangs this might suck. But the beauty of the Hoggs ( who are not above white trash jokes, Billy Bob teeth and fake twangs) is that they are also making super earnest country music, old time stuff, including CB trucking songs, odes to America, and Christmas songs on both albums. If you can't get enough of the crude Southerner comedy (and a zillion Larry The Cable Guy fans can't be wrong) meets 1968 Opry music then get both CD's.

“This is a tight group of musicians, attacking bluegrass & Southern rock sounds with both a ferocious irreverence & a deep respect for musicality. The combination is both oddly charming and outrageously funny.” -Victor D. Infante, Telegram & Gazette

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