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The Perfectly Smoked Brisket of What Country Should Be!
Have an appetite for good, good country music? Not just any ol' country music, (like one would hear on the ol' ra-didio.) but honest, "We care for what you hear." country music. I also like some wit and humor placed in there too. Jesse and the Hogg Brothers bring a style and class to both sides of what I really love. This ain't no pop music sung with no damn lipper full of chaw, or pretty boys donned in the latest fashion, topped with Kenworth ball caps, singin' what ought not be sung. I'm talkin' gittin' to the crux of country, The "real McCoy! What country should be. That, and some home cooked humor that would knock a buzzard off a turd wagon. I'm talking about Jesse and the Hogg Brothers Band! Nothings too far, funnier than a monkey humpin' a beach ball, entertaining as all get-out, and country music just done plain and faithfully right! If you are ready to check it out enter the site!